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Human Capital Management and Payroll Software based on the latest technology and design.

Change the way you manage your business with our comprehensive software solutions.

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Why Choose UsLeveraging our combined IT and HR expertise

Flexible and customisable

Our web-based framework is flexible and easily customised on top of our standard system which is based on HR and Payroll best practice

Agile and Responsive

We keep up to date with the latest trends and requirements for you to easily access data on your devices making your business flexible

Modular Solution

Our solution comprises of a modular system, choose modules to suit the needs and maturity of your organisation

Third party integration

Easy integrate to third party software allows you to implement selected modules from our system. With existing interfaces already established this makes implementation that much simpler

Cost effective and affordable

Educos Vision is competitively priced and we make sure your organisation gets the best value and functionality for an affordable price

Query Designer for Easy Reports

Generate and save your own reports from the comprehensive data available in Educos with our easy to use query builder

Quality Data

Data changes are tracked using data history functionality, ensuring transparency of data changes and easily compare changes. Our audit log tracks all transactions performed in the system

Document Manager

Keep organised and efficient by easily attaching documents to Educos records. Our document manager is able to interface to other document managers for ease of access to data

Cross Browser Support

Any device, any OS, anywhere, anytime accessibility

Cost Effective solution that caters for all your HR and Payroll needs.

We bring exceptional depth of experience in multiple industries, in serving numerous local and international companies in various fields.

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Educos Modules

Recruitment & Selection

  • Repository of recruitment assignments for vacancies
  • Authority to recruit and approval to appoint workflow
  • Internal and external applicants
  • Validation of bar-coded ID/passport numbers against present and previous employees – alleviates unintentional reengagement of former employees who were dismissed or have poor track records
  • Workflow process -track interviews, references, assessments and other pre-employment checks
  • Generate offer letters / employment contracts from system template
  • Proceed with on-boarding after acceptance of offer
  • Analytics –
    • Engagements in hard to fill positions
    • Costs of recruitment
    • Time to fill vacancies


  • Centralised repository of employee, employment, termination, benefits and history as well as working hours tailored to each employee
  • Validation of bar-coded ID numbers and passport numbers
  • Demographic information required for legislative reporting
  • Reporting structure definition
  • History stored for all data changes
  • Full life cycle of employment from on-boarding to off-boarding
  • Self-service available

Payroll Administration

  • All core employee information required for Payroll stored in system
  • Payroll rules and calculations can be tailored to requirements (out of scope)
  • Automation of calculations based on relevant rules
  • Integration with leave and employment equity
  • Legislative extracts and reporting built in
  • Supports broken service by re-engaging previously terminated employees, resulting in a single IRP5 per tax year
  • Past and future dated transactions supported, with automated retrospective calculations for backdated transactions
  • Interim payments for payments during the month (unlimited)
  • Full history of payroll results and SARS submissions
  • Integration with Time and Attendance supported
  • Bulk imports for variable transactions, performance bonuses, salary increases, etc.
  • Self-service available for retrieval of payslips and tax certificates (IRP5’s)

Leave Management

  • Unlimited leave types – hourly and daily
  • Flexible leave management for all types of leave
  • Validation of leave balances at time of planned leave
  • Planned leave captured for future dates (can capture leave in Feb for Dec)
  • Bulk import of leave history, take on balances and transactions
  • Multiple cycle types (calendar and anniversary)
  • Automated additional entitlements based on years of service
  • On line leave applications with relevant workflow for authorisations
  • Leave planning detail for peak periods
  • Forfeiture of overdue leave
  • Self-service available

Employment Equity

  • Extraction of all data required for EEA2, EEA4 and EEA12 submissions to Department of Labour (in required format)
  • Data mapped for headcounts, disabilities, core and support roles, recruitment, promotions, terminations, training and employee relations (subject to the data being updated in Vision)
  • Bulk import of Employment Equity Plan targets
  • Tracking of actual statistics vs planned targets
  • Validation, statistical and detail reports for all reporting requirements
  • Comparison to economically active population for EEA12

Training Administration

  • Definition of training courses (includes Learnerships, Role Based and other types of training)
  • Booking of employees on training courses with attendance, outcome and costs
  • Defining training profiles for all jobs, and mapping to employees to identify and track training needs
  • Extraction of statistics for ATR and WSP submissions
  • Full learner management functionality available
  • Self-service available

Employee Development

  • Definition of job descriptions and requirements of each job profile
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Competency based interventions identified
  • Personal development plans
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Career planning per individual
  • Analysis of competency matrix
  • Search for most suitable employees for specified roles
  • Succession planning
  • Self-service available

Performance Management

  • Standardised performance objectives for entire company according to job profile
  • Bulk loading of performance reviews
  • Multiple reviews per annum
  • One-on-one or 360° reviews supported
  • Automated update of overall score based on performance objective rating
  • Bulk imports of individual ratings per performance objectives
  • Tracking of performance ratings by employee, site, manager / supervisor
  • Updating training needs identified during review process (used for WSP submissions)
  • Self-service available

Employee Relations

  • Tracking of cases such as industrial action, and employee actions
  • Individual actions including grievances, disputes, disciplinary action up to labour court, operational requirements and permanent /temporary ill-health
  • Linking of participants including time frames and associated employment costs
  • Storing of associated documentation, videos and sound bites
  • Full, automated workflow supported

Health & Safety

  • Recording all company incidents and inspections
  • Employee accidents, diseases and PTSD with all required supporting information for reporting to the Department of Labour
  • Storing committees, committee members and meeting details
  • Extraction of reports for submission (WCL1 & WCL2)